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New Wave Arcs

New Wave Arcs


New Era of Arcs. This toy will suit you if you like open-ended toys, don't want your child to assemble from a pattern, and if you've already seen the usual arcs too many times and want to be different. The delicate curves give more playability and beauty. The arcs are made with great craftsmanship.

Raduga Grez has designed these arcs like the lace in artists' paintings, the frosty pattern on the windows of northern countries, and like the pattern of sand that the wind has laid out in the desert. They are painted in delicate non-gendered colors of clay, silk ribbons, stone, sand, snow. Build your own Zada Hadid-inspired creation with them!

Designed in Russia by Raduga Grez. Measures approx. 8 х 4 х 2 inches.

Handmade from lime wood and dyed with non-toxic watercolors. Recommended for ages 18 months and older. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.