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Wooden Bee Hive Blocks

Wooden Bee Hive Blocks


Bees are one of the most important creatures on Earth. Thanks to their work as pollinators we have many plants, vegetables and fruits. Each of them plays a specific role in the hive. They have to work together to survive, stay safe and healthy.

The Hive is a set of 30 wooden blocks introducing the genius of the bee family. Hexagonal based blocks teach not only how the honeycomb is built, but are a door to the fantastic bee universe hidden in the hive.

Blocks have different colors and prints to represent honey, worker bees, eggs, larvas, drones and the queen. The blocks might be used to recreate life and actions of bees.

You can become a beekeeper and build your own constructions, take care of the queen, or feed the eggs. Blocks can be used also to build crazy constructions to free your spatial imagination.

Made in Poland of sustainably-harvested beech and sycamore wood. Finished with certified non-toxic paints. Each hexagonal block measures approx. 2.0'' x 1.6'' x 1.0''.

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