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Nins Summer Play Set

Nins Summer Play Set


This wooden playset is inspired by the radiant colors of summer. This is the season when fruits and vegetables mature, the beaches are golden, and the sky is an immense clear blue.

The six little peg figures are called Nins, 3 with top-hats and 3 without. Children will love making up endless stories and small worlds with the entire playset, which also includes 3 mates (cups), 9 rings, and 9 coins. 

You can also place this Nins playset on a seasonal table to follow the cycle of the year. Bring a slice of the outside world into your home, filling it with colors and other natural elements that can be treasured.

Made of sustainable wood and finished with water-based stains. Designed and made in Spain by Grapat. Recommended for children 12 months and older.

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